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1964 Alaska Earthquake

March 27, 1964 - M 9.2 - The 2nd largest earthquake ever recorded.

Alaska High Altitude Aerial Photography - AHAP


CIR photos flown by NASA Ames and NASA Johnson, roughly 1" = 1 mi. AHAP photos were acquired between 1978 and 1986. B&W photos are 2" - 1 mi.

All-Sky Camera -ASC- Logs and Index Sheets

IGY and beyond - 1957-1977

Amchitka Island

These low altitude B&W photos were flown in 1968.

Austin Post Collection


Photos in this collection are from 1959-1964. Most were moved from the North American Glaciers - ICP main category.

Comfort Avery Adams

This collection consists of 97 photographs taken 1890-91 by Comfort Avery Adams [November 1, 1868 - February 21, 1958] as well as a copy of the 1892 National Geographic publication on Muir Glacier by Harry Fielding Reid. Dr. Adams was a member of the 1899 Harriman Expedition. The collection was donated by Dr. Ian Adams, grandson of Comfort Avery Adams.

Emmons Glacier

These photos were digitized from 4x6 glass plates. Dr. John Reid, retired from the University of North Dakota, donated them to an archive, but they did not comply with their collection criteria. They were transferred to the GeoData Center by Edward Josberger, USGS, Tacoma, WA. It is believed that these were part of an effort to document the glacier by Dr. Reid and Art Johnson, a civil engineer from UND.

Geophysical Institute

Established by an Act of Congress in 1946, the Geophysical Institute began its service to the nation studying high-latitude communications in the presence of aurora. Through the years of geophysical and space physics investigations, ranging from the center of the Earth to the center of the sun, the institute has become the senior research unit at the University of Alaska Fairbanks UAF.

IGY Project Ice Skate

1957 - First research project based on an ice island. Research included: gravity, seismology, aurora and airglow, geomagnetism, oceanography, ocean currents, drift of the ice and navigation.

Lawrence Nielsen

Dr. Lawrence Nielsen, Research Chemist, Monsanto Chemical Company: 1917-1992. These albums were compiled by Austin Post, January, 2000. Dr. Nielsen climbed many mountains in Alaska, was involved in several research projects, and contributed to the science of glaciology. 

Mount Saint Helens Eruption - 1980

Photographers: Austin Post and Robert Krimmel. Photos were taken before, during, and after the 1980 eruption. There are 8 rolls in this category.

Mount Wrangell

Dr. Carl Benson's Wrangell Collection consists of aerial photographs and satellite images from 1948 to date.

NARL-Naval Arctic Research Lab


This collection of aerial photo prints were transferred from the Naval Arctic Research Laboratory. The negatives are with the EROS Data Center, Sioux Falls, SD

North American Glaciers - Ice and Climate Photography

glacier photography of north america

Flown by Austin Post, Lawrence Mayo, Robert Krimmel, and others. This project documents the changes in glaciers of North America, from the late 1950's. Some of the photography was duplicated on 35mm film before the collection was transferred to the GeoData Center. Whenever possible, those negative strips were scanned for these thumbnails.

T3 Fletchers Ice Island

Air photos of and telegrams from Fletchers Ice Island

Test ASF photos

Test Photos from the ASF 2005 Calendar

Yukon Flats National Wildlife Refuge - U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Chandalar River - July 18, 1989 - Scale 1:15,840 or 1"=1320'.