1964 Alaska Earthquake

March 27, 1964 - M 9.2 - The 2nd largest earthquake ever recorded.


David Knapp Photos - DRK

51 color slides - Damages in downtown Anchorage and the Turnagain Heights area following the 1964 earthquake.

Geophysical Institute

From the GI's historical files

Gil Mull Photos - GLM

Gil Mull Collection - 185 color slides and 4 black and white slides - Most of the slides are of the Anchorage area; some are of Whittier, Portage and Seward.

Jack Townshend Photos - JBT

46 color slides and 85 B&W prints - There are two subsets of this collection : color slides and black and white prints. The color slides are of damage from the quake and subsequent tsunamis in Anchorage, Seward, Kodiak and Valdez. The black and white collection are of Turnagain Heights, Anchorage, Seward, Kodiak and Valdez.

Keith B. Mather Library - News Clipping File

Newspaper clippings and articles about the 1964 earthquake.

Miscellaneous Photos - MCL

Anchorage, Copper River Basin and Montague Island area effects from the 1964 earthquake.

National Archives Photos - NAR

Tsunami, landslide and subsidence effects in the Seward and Portage areas following the 1964 earthquake.

National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Association Photos - NOA

Scotch Cap Lighthouse, Lituya Bay, Anchorage and Fairbanks areas

Rod Combellick Photos - RCM

6 color slides and aerial photos - Assorted aerial views showing effects of the 1964 earthquake.

Terri McFadden Photos - MCF

Landslides triggered in glacial environments following the 1964 earthquake. Damages in some populated areas as well.

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Photos - ANC, TRN, SWD, VDZ, WHT, PRT, KDK, SLV, MSC, HOM

This is the most extensive single collection covering most of the damage within the State of Alaska from the 1964 "Great Alaska Earthquake " - 206 color slides: Anchorage - ANC; Turnagain - TRN; Seward - SWD; Valdez - VDZ; Whittier - WHT; Portage - PRT; Kodiak - KDK; Seldovia - SLV; Homer - HOM; Miscellaneous - MSC

U.S. Army Photos - ARM

Released by the Public Affairs Dept. of the Army, this collection depicts damages to the Anchorage area, Fort Richardson and several coastal towns from the 1964 earthquake.

U.S. Forest Service Photos - FRS

Effects and subsidence caused by the 1964 earthquake of Portage, 20 Mile Bridge and Copper River Basin

U.S. Geological Survey Photos - USG

37 B&W 8x10 prints - Anchorage, Montague Island, Kodiak, Seward, Valdez and Kenai area damages and geomorphological effects of the 1964 earthquake.

U.S. Navy Photos - NAV

This series depicts tsunami damages in the Kodiak area and on Kodiak Naval Air Station, as well as other earthquake related damages in the Kodiak vicinity from the 1964 earthquake.